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And I could be very excited about it because I'm loving this truck, it's just so awesome, hello, everybody and welcome back to Euro Truck Simulator 2 and we're gon na be in the would be doing the forum challenge that was given to myself and bugs driving this Big old bad boy, the kenworth w900l last euro truck, I'm not really a hundred percent sure um, although I really do love this truck. So you never know you never know. Well. So while we need to get some sleep because our guy's a douchebag and hasn't slept in fucking forever, so we need to find sleep. Can we get some outside of Kauai alrighty? So I got sleep and also changed out the engine. It was way too. I had like 30 100 horsepower or some shit in I'd ride her back down to the cat, see 15 for 35. I think that's a little more appropriate for what we're gon na be doing so, let's get job here, real quick, look at the job market. Let'S go to the freight market here in Caillat and see what they have available to us. Click on Callay I'll probably take a reefer. Why not one of our reefers of ice cream looks we're gon na be going to Roma through Italy? Oh, my god, with his truck talk about a fucking nightmare, that'll be um! Oh well, I mean that's just life right. Alright, let's go pick our trailer up yeah! I know the parking brake silly go! Okay! This is a little more manageable. Now this truck the engine, the last one was 3100 horsepower and then it was just out fuckin rage. It'S like ridiculous, clear there left here. This will work nicely for us all, righty you friggin haul yeah. So I tried removing the the Jake brake on this one because it sounded terrible and in when I did that now it just doesn't do anything at all so and that's great, so I don't have a horn or Jake braking this one. That'S alright! I'M gon na do what you gon na. Do: oh hello, hello, mister, I'll fucking eat a dick and bullshit red light offense, my ass, whatever it's like. If this is where we're going, I'd appear just watch out for this dickhead see what he's doing okay hold on buddy. Let me get through here first, but on our Hansard there's our trailer. We can already see it. Oh, this is something a little more easier for me to manage. I don't drive big extra wide loads and shit, so that's just not for me just watch. Our ass here should be swinging. Alright, let's get our job assignment here and that is it. I scream 24 tons organ if frozen foods for 40 tons to Colding in Denmark. Let'S do that yeah! Let'S do that one! I don't been to Denmark, I don't think, and it's more weight, 40 tonnes probably pays a little more well, not always the case, but you know all right. Let'S just back this bitch in this ought to be fucking fun. It would be fun really is the hardest part. I think we missed that by a fucking mile. So that's alright. We get straightened out here and then we'll then we'll pick her up like so we just switch over this guy. Why I hit that button so easy, but I do but I do okay, spinner back around yeah yeah. We got her pick up the trailer parking brake on. Let'S have a looksie outside we're hooked up to our reefer beautiful truck she's, a beaut, that's for sure alrighty. So, let's get on our way to Denmark sound like a plan. Finally turn that off. Okay. First of all, I don't know why keeps going into that, but secondary ed gear, but we'll find out I'm gon na left out of here. So I'm gon na be cool. That'Ll be good on second check check, check, check, check, check, check one two: all righty we've got a car on the right here, I'm coming on the left, yet all right! This is the way we do know that now what happened up here, some Iraq or something? Let'S not block the intersection, let's not be assholes. Today I mean we always can be, but you know guess what they're moving up there. Oh dude, nothing! Okay, fine I'll, go cuz! We got ta, make a left up here and continue on. Let'S be smart, keep distance between the car in front of us. You know all that good stuff, mama baby. I don't think it's gon na work out for us too good here, but you never know as long as we get on the road get up-to-date on some things and talk about some things. First, things: first, America Truck Simulator. I believe that's coming out what March 26th or 29th or something like that less I heard. Oh I'm just so excited for that I mean I'm sure everybody else is, but you know I I'm really excited for it. Just let you guys know - and I plan on doing a series with it whenever that does come out. Another really cool thing is a guy named Rob on Steam. Bought me NASCAR, 2014. So thank you to Rob. That'S amazing! I didn't wasn't expecting that at all. So I'm gon na be doing some of those videos coming up soon as well, unless maybe maybe one's already out, I don't know, depends on whatever this. This video comes out. Cuz I've already recorded it. Obviously, so alright, let's get the fuck out of here god. I love the fucking sound of that monster. God, that's good gold, that's good! I love it. There we go there. We go yeah this this engines a lot more, a lot more for what we're doing here and I really like the feel of it golly. I love this truck so much I mean this. This might continue. My fucking hair trucks here heats. This truck alone is just so fucking good through the roundabout. Here, it's the roundabout way right. Yes, it is there we go all right now we can get on the road. Oh just feel so good, and it sounds good. Just need to get the Jake break situation because once again, Jake break in it. Oh my god, it will be amazing. She will be nice, that is for sure there we go a little rusty. So if I suck sorry getting back into the groove of things here in euro truck world, it's not go too crazy here, especially up here on this turn. Since we're rusty, I don't wan na and I'm not really sure what the turning radius of B is, but it's not too great, as you can see nothing too amazing, so we're making a left up here probably need to set up for that and we're clear. My left yeah we're ready for this you're, definitely ready for this actually double-clutch that one right there don't need to, but I did some awesome like that, all right we got this bitch. We got this bitch a little more comfortable. Just with this truck. I just the feel of it. It'S just there. You know can't explain it. Oh yeah, listen, those 435 horsepower. I mean it's not much for such a big truck, but I'd rather it be underpowered. Then overpower. That'S for damn sure. Oh yeah, she sounds fucking good. I'M home baby there we go go up in here: seventh, hey we're getting on the highway and we are clear, okay cool. Here we go on the road again headed to Denmark today, Edit to Denmark, and I could be very excited about it because I'm loving this truck, it's just so awesome, really awesome. I got it any American truck package, so I think you just google, the Kenworth 900 W wir be serious in it. Usually it'll pop up on us, so all right, baby, slow down help. If I put on the wrong link right linker, I guessed right. Let'S go with 5th gear on this one. With this truck, you got a turn early and that's what's kind of weird about it. You'Re not used to that you get a console Eterna, but keeps us in check. You know keeps us ahead of game of the truck. So that's always good. Let'S go with eighth gear on that one. Since we're gon na be going down this hill, then one have to go through two years. If I only needed to use one up right, I'll, double clutch right here, double collection, neutral, double clutch poured into the ninth. But why you know it's it's a it's a video game so or a simulator! So you don't. We don't have to worry about clutches. Really too much in this truck and ninth is probably suffice in for this hill, all right here, beautiful day, beautiful day as we head to Denmark, I'm loving it loving it, many of it we do need to get the Jake brake fix, though cuz. That'S just something. That'S gon na be gon na be sorely missed. Here. Let'S grab 8th gear up this hill, I figured we were we're getting to the point of about on 1300 rpm or so and in ninth that if we switch down to a that should have shut right to 2000, because my personal um minimum are my personal maximum. On the engine is 2,000 rpm. I don't want to go anything above that I only just for I mean I think it's realistic and I mean just you know, saves on the gas all right. We'Re rolling now just kind of go easy here, because you never know sip gas a little bit here, I'm just making sure I wasn't sure how tight of a turn this one was right here, but it doesn't seem to be terrible. Our governor is kicking in anyway. Keeping us at 55, so we don't kill. Somebody says we're. Gon na fucking w900 be holy shit, yeah glad things are swinging back around for for the channel. Everything is getting back on track, hello, mr. Peterbilt, so I'm definitely thrilled to have everything back. One thing that happened recently was the onboard audio finally went so I ended up getting an audio interface to Scarlett to 6i6. It didn't have any to ITU's and I got a great deal on the 6i6, so I went with it, but how gasps we're good um? Let'S just slow down through here I don't know what the speed limit is um, but so I got that an audio interface. It'S amazing I mean that's what you're hearing right now and that's what the microphone sounds so good, the preamps and I'm are just phenomenal. But besides that the the actual onboard audio went out, so I can't so it was making this horrible noise, so I ended up having to get a actual physical, sound card for the PC. So I know that I had gotten some money for a webcam in my PayPal through a donation, but that that money actually ended up well. Actually, what happened was the webcam was on sale and then it's not a sale anymore. So then this happened and an audio cards a little more important. So I went ahead and put the money towards that. So everything you guys donate goes towards this. That'S not like I'm going out and buying hookers and drinking beer on the money. You know um, I'm using all of it towards towards my gaming towards the channel, so everything you guys have done for me. I mean just it's, it's absolutely amazing. So once again I mean, I know I've said so many times, but thank you. Thank you. Thank yous. It'S awesome, parramatti, more sunflowers beautiful you get a little more more used to track ir inside of your truck. It took a little bit to get used to, but now everything seems to be working pretty decently. Let'S just kind of hang out behind this guy he's not too sipping too much gas and he's going a little slower than awesome. We don't need to be riding his ass. I suppose right, ok, but we can grab 8th gear on this. Let'S keep some more distance on the sumbitch, because I don't know most you guys that are younger. Newer. Getting used to driving may be something new to you. I don't know, but one thing: you'll notice is on American highways and pretty much everywhere else there, where the biggest pet peeves, when I Drive is people that do not separate themselves from a car in front of them. I just cannot understand the mentality behind it, people that ride people's asses and stuff. It'S it's so stupid. It'S like go around them like on a highway or something go around them. You'Re gon na ride somebody at some of these ass - I mean you know, there's a thing called stopping distance and braking distances for a reason and um turn our lights on here. So it's getting dark outside for a reason and just grab a seventh gear on this one, and I just don't understand why people don't fucking. They don't respect that. So once again, like I said, if you're new to driving and you're on the highways, maybe you've noticed big rigs in traffic. How they were, you know completely separated from the car in front of them, and what that is is the reason, because we have they're like we're driving a stick shift here, so we're in a stick. We don't wan na have to go through a bunch of gears because somebody just is not. You know it's up there, slam on the brakes going slam on the brakes going, so that is the reach behind they're, my brights on or something Thanks, there's a bright s'okay. No, I don't just making sure, but that's the reason why they do that. So I just it's one of my biggest pet peeves as people who just follow too closely. There'S no reason for it, following too close is a well deserved ticket. In my opinion, when a cop gives it out, I think it should be enforced, so many accidents occur because people are following too close or taxine are doing whatever and they're not paying attention to what happens in front of them and then BAM it's all over when, If you just would have kept a little bit of space between that car in front of you, you'd have been fine, you never would have hit them. So I I just don't understand people who who do that shit? I really don't Mariel is crab ix here we have control of it down this hill I'll. Just pretend that the Jake breaks out on this truck didn't like Mike believe right. All right, just got here again, like you know, see I'm not riding his ass. If I was riding his ass and he were to stop abruptly - I mean we've got all of this fucking weight and shit in this truck. It would not be good for us, but - and also I got a little close to him. So therefore, we had to change out the gears there. So I just did three gear changes. If I would have kept distance and actually stuck with the gear would have been so bad. So it's hard to not get impatient in this game, mainly because it is a simulator in a game. It'S not real life, so you don't kind of put it towards that, but I take it a little serious. I tried to some of you guys that enjoy this series I know there's. I know it's not a very popular series, but I mean I just love it. I can't explain it any any kind of trucks. Let'S see like here he's stopping for no fucking reason he's stopping come on baby. Okay, you better be getting fucking gas or something here cuz. I don't get why you did that. That'S me. I shit there. Although we got a train up here - and you know what you should probably be smart and look both ways before we cross the fucking tracks, it's like he's gon na do the same. Okay, look both ways, no train good. There we go up back in the hill. We go, I figured we probably gon na have too much highway time on this trip. It didn't look like there was gon na, be so look, there's a lot of side roads, but that's all right. It'S just more gear jamming for us right have a green gram of molten. I am, I have smoky and the Bandit reference there, snowman mole, my dogs, also I'm six five, six and a half, oh man. I mean 65 miles an hour how about some fun? Trucker lingo, one of my favorite ones, is alligator, got ta holla gala, I'm the ham, Elaine Hammond Lane would be the fast lane in the alligator they would call. It is a you know whenever the trucks blow their caps off their tires and they lay in the highway. Now this guy's going around me what a fucking idiot you really doing that you're gon na get killed dumb shit. Oh my those look familiar, don't they! This is that spot we had that head-on. Collision almost holy shit, same road who knew but the alligator is a whoever the caps blow off of the tires and they lay in the highway. That'S what they'll say it'll be like you got a got alligator there about mile marker two five six. Well, then I was hit like that, but you know I do it's like the snow man. Why that wait? I always hit the wrong button there. I don't know why us at the fucking long-playing, it's okay, yeah, he's luck there and he is slow as fuck. So let's keep an eye on this. Oh, we got a sharp turn anyway. So that's all right by me. Why all right, let me going straight through here when I get my in any motorways or anything. So it's good nice and easy here little fuckers are fucking slow. Aren'T there almost forgot the fifth gear there we have to hit the button to go into the high range gears that would probably help, wouldn't it so we're getting on fuel. Let'S do a little update here. Next rest stop five hours. So what to sleep again looks like it's estimated to get there Thursday at 10:56, it's a 474 miles or so left we've good on fuel good on everything else. I don't know we haven't even damage on the trailer nope, no damage on trailer anything. So that's! That'S! The basically the challenge that we have here is is that we don't have. We don't want to have any damage I know bugs had he didn't. He made his with no damage on the trailer at all, so that was good to him and he had a much harder trailer. I understand that, but I mean you use, throw me in this and a extra wide load like that, because I'd never never drive those like and that's I've never done a series like that, like bugs, and now alex has done so. Therefore, I am I just figured, you know it would, I know, would have been a shit show. So she's chose to drive our normal reefer for a J

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