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What is going on everybody to put a slap train and welcome back guys to some more spin tires now today, we're gon na be starting this again and, as I said, the first episode was kind of like a tester episode in a pilot episode getting familiar with The controls how the game works, and I would like to thank each and every one of you guys for helping me out in terms of understanding this game. You know where to go to actually figure out stuff and I got a pretty good understanding this game now. Now, obviously you know, I don't know everything that there is to know about this game and I'm hoping that we're gon na be okay, we're gon na be starting off with. I want to go the carriage, but we're gon na go with the log card. Instead, you see we're gon na go to the log Kurt and I'm debating we're not gon na go with the medium log and actual attachment right now, just because I don't think that we're gon na need it. You never know, though we may end up meeting it. We may not, and I like to plan our route for today now looks like we got to go to the lumber yard, which is all the way over there, but this, I believe, is all trees yeah, it's all trees right now, so when it go and we're Gon na make our way, I think, to this path and then we're going to go to that path over there. So we're gon na. Do that see how that works out for today and let's see how spintires treats us right now. So there's our arrows and let the termini big kid. Gentlemen, all right! So, what's everybody been up to I like to let you guys know that the slab gaming forum site is now up and running, I'm very very pleased to say that my man Ivy's 99 hell meal with that he did all the designing on that website. It'S a free site, just something you know kind of right now, just to get you guys off of the Facebook group page, because there is a lot of you guys on there we're close to boat. I think four thousand members, you know. Realistically, you know it's a lot for a Facebook group page right, so I feel like that is gon na help us, you know, sort out a lot of things. This truck is wowing through right now, oh, oh now. I also know how to use my wench now as well. We want the complete wrong way, that's beautiful! What if I can just go straight through this we're gon na bring this down. You know what just get the hell out of this area and coop see. That'S my bad, my bad on that. I'M gon na put our difficulty getting used to this game. There is a lot to take in with this game. I'M saying you know this. This whole concept of this game is really really sick. Wait where the hell am I going right now, we'd made after make our way down over here, and I am completely okay with that. Let'S get this truck dirty man, hopefully anyways. Oh, how deep will it go? Oh one damage get the hell out of here here. We go take off the diff lock in that and we are hauling right now. Oh ooh, oh my god hold it. We are sliding almost down this. Damn thing: man, jeez, Oh No! There we go put that in put that in. Thank you. Can I go down? Okay, we're gon na put a diff lock on now for sure, let's get us out of that, damn treacherous area, okay, we're kicking up rocks on our way over. This is a very steep hill. Look at that down there, man, I wonder if we can crawl down there. I doubt it, but you never know, though, let's do it. Let'S take a say a little bit of a verse here, we're a crawl just ever so slightly down this, oh yeah, that's how we get it done on spin tires. Look at that cutting corners like there's! No tomorrow, you guys know about that lights. There we go. I really like the camera placement in this game. You know it's not the greatest se, but it is definitely. You know I guess doable when you click on some of the extra buttons that are on the controller. Oh open, this down the first every goal. Oh, my god, we're kicking up damn. Oh, look at all the rocks getting thrown away. Excuse me some chain driving man. It'S a problem, especially on this game. Right now, your resolve get it get. It all-wheel-drive engaged up that hill, at least alright. So where are we on the map? Right now we are fairly far. Oh, I think I was able to stop the stall. I was ok, so all I did was break and that stopped my stalls. That'S good! Now I asked you guys in a comments to let me know, questions that you guys had in terms of spintires - and you know you know, questions for these cruises and these road trips, because there's gon na be a lot of them. Many we're gon na be doing quite a few things on this game and you know we're gon na have a lot of downtime when we're just cruising like this. So I'd like you guys to you, know, put your comments in the bottom. I know I asked this last episode, but nobody really did too much of that. So for this episode right now put in the comment section below you know what you guys want to see from spintires, and you know what you guys were like for the talk about spintires. You know maybe some some personal questions, anything about the channel youtube stuff like that, and you know we'll go from there, but right now we're gon na go to the comments from last episode and, as I said, I'd like to thank all of you guys for helping Me out, in terms of you know what to do on this game. Oh this truck does not like this hill at all right now. I think this diff lock off see if that makes a difference, and where do we need to go? I love it. So we're gon na take a right cuz. That cloaking is over there somewhere. Is that that hole? That is the hole? Somebody was telling me about a big black hole, and I see it now. I do look at that. It'S like a damn tornado. That is stop right there. Alright, let's see what happens if we take this road over here. Oh that's, my fault, my bad turn that down! Oh, my God, look at this thing: we're going off-roading right now there, this cloaking removed hell, yeah, wait, but it's not! Oh for the stuff that we just covered, it is anyways, that's cool! I like that. Alright, so we're gon na head over to the next cloaking, which is gon na, be around North ish. I guess you would say I'm gon na put this in high gear and go through these planes. Hell yeah man alright got our first cloak man. Now Joseph Zephyr says slap. Can you play Tomcat on spin tires, so I'm assuming sorry play with Tom town spin tires. Now I am debating about doing that, I mean our schedules are very different, so you know it is very hard to match up something like that. We saw their engine. That'S beautiful! Just thank you so much for strolling back on come on baby, Big Bertha right here now: budget bonuses - hey can't wait for more of this and by the way, it's my birthday today, so maybe a birthday shout-out in your next video, so happy birthday, my man, I Know it's a little bit late, but I hope you've had a good birthday and we're almost out this coal canary is well. If you can get up here, is there any trees? I can winch on you. I don't think that there is, unless let's test this winch here and we'll see how far this can actually go up to you. So let's go to this kind of show right here. I'M gon na bring this over nope. With my wet chat, I don't think I can winch onto anything right now. There'S nothing it letting me engage it. Oh there we go all right. We got to select the winch source now, so can we hit this tree up here? We get any trees, that's it and we cannot hit the damn thing up here. Okay, we're just gon na put this back in we're gon na go up this hill. We need to go so we're gon na try to find a damn path right now. It'S a lot down to just drive on all those bogus there. We go and graphics in this game looks so beautiful, though, even like the tires itself on the tire modeling is just gorgeous. Alright, here we go now we have to get all the way over there to the lumberyard, but it's gon na be a very long trip over there. Obviously, this is gon na be a multiple episode game. Really I mean this game is gon na, be quite some fun. It'S I mean it's a very patient game. Well, it's nice and relaxing to go through this area. Just kind of you know trying to what is a house trying to find these cloaks we're like just to left, and it looks like oh moment there we go. We found it give me that damn cloak area appreciate it cloaking your booty, so we just unlocked all of that hell, yeah man, so there's a big building right. There looks like our best plan to get back onto the road will be to go over there right and then down on that road right there. So that's what we're gon na do right here, yeah get it there. We go look at that. I'M a pro now at changing gears. Oh my god get off of me. Man would be a spintires King. Now I did bring a little something along for the ride. Today I brought a damn peach peach. These things are so delicious right now, you've, no idea honey. There'S more trucks: oh my god, ooh we found some more trucks hell yeah. A peach is delicious right now we're this okay. So we can actually change our trucks right now, hell yeah! We just found three of these things. Oh my bed didn't mean it. That is one big-ass trailer right now. Look at that thing holy yeah, it's huge, absolutely huge. As building almost like my house, I'm just kidding it. Doesn'T it doesn't so we are right here. We'Ve travelled quite a bit through this treacherous terrain and it has been treacherous. Man has been quite and quite a damn road. So far, so I think for today we're gon na call this an episode nice all in 10 minutes we got to where we needed to be. I hope you guys enjoyed this episode of spintires. As I said, I'm definitely a lot more knowledgeable than I was. You know last time around, I didn't really know what I was doing. You know as I go through the game as well. I will, you know, figure out more things, but look at my shifting now my shifting is on point. Let me know in the comment section below, if there's anything, that I should be doing in this game - that I'm not maybe give me a little bit of insight on the different attachments for these cars as walter. The trucks as well and I'll see you guys back here for another episode of spintires, make sure you guys slap that like button. Follow me, if you guys are new everything is in the description box below and make sure you guys go check out the forum page as well. That'S gon na be bang in the next couple days. You guys can introduce yourself when there is a lot of different sub edits and all that stuff. So thank you guys very much for watching today. Motorcyle tree islands, peace,

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